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In search of hidden Torah

Contending Voices

Conflicts during Second Temple Period and their  influence on prophetic literature


Ali in Biblical Clouds

This book is about glorification of Ali in Islamic Mysticism. The first sect in Islam is known as The Ghulat. Ghulat were “The Exaggerators” who claimed that Ali ibn Abi Talib was God incarnated. Ali was the cousin of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and husband of his third daughter, Fatimah. Most of these sects originated after death of Prophet Muhammad.

Ghulats were different from Sunni and Shiite school of thought. They were heavily influenced by Jewish motifs and biblical themes and view Quran as continuation like a biblical books of Prophets. Their interpretation of Quranic verses
was more allegoric and hidden hinting towards mysticism.
For some of them Ali was Elijah, yet for some others the descend of Primordial man on Earth. Some took Ali as High Priest Aaron. Later Shiites fiercely denounced Ghulats but knowingly or unknowingly adapted their ideas into their religious corpus.

A chapter on Sufi thought is also added to complete the picture. Download


انگریزی زبان میں قرآن کی تین سورتوں کی تفسیر کے لئے دیکھئے

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Two Illuminated Clouds of Qur’an

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Hearing of the Dead



Mahdi Narrations



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